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We are a fitness studio that focuses on non traditional exercise routines. We offer classes, personal training and corporate wellness in a manner which is exciting, educational and convenient. Every individual has their own capacity with regards to strength and fitness. We at MOM3NTUM are focused on ensuring each one of our clients grows in to the best version of themselves through hard work and dedication in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment


The MOM3NTUM Coffee & Juice Bar offers a selection of nutritious, healthy food and refreshing beverages. The items we serve will support your natural function and training while still maintaining bold and vibrant flavours.

Freshly ground Spring Valley Artisan Coffee is available throughout the day and all the food is available to takeaway.

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Our Team Sahil v2


Co-Founder & Director

A total sports and fitness enthusiast but an engineer by trade. After working in the Oilfield for a number of years, I decided to take a plunge and start something of my own.I truly believe that it's never too late to set new goals. Through hard-work and persistence anything is possible

"The Journey is the Reward" #RedefiningFitness

Our Team Barbara


Flow & Combat Cardio

I am a proud Italian with an African heart. I have been involved with all sorts of sports from a very young age, competing in Judo, Aikido, Swimming and Show-jumping. I have been a full-time fitness instructor in the UAE for over 4 years before moving to Kenya. Recently I have started running and have not stopped, completing 4 full international marathons and various shorter distance races. Currently I am preparing for the Two Oceans Ultra in South Africa in March 2018.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it, what you put in”

Our Team Jake v2


Boxing, Strength & Conditioning

Having weight issues in high school really drove me towards fitness and it became part and parcel of who I am today. My passion to help others transform and reach their goals is the main reason I do what I do. Everyone is capable of change its just a matter of attitude and drive.

"Form and Consistency" #ChallengeYourself

Our Team Anne


Customer Relations

This is my first time working in the health and fitness industry and I'm excited for the challenges that lie ahead. No matter what I do, I always try to be positive and grateful for the opportunities given to me. A positive attitude is all you need to ensure you reach your goals.

Be active, be healthy, be happy

Our Team Faraaz



Growing up surrounded by sports, whether it was playing competitively or spectating, going into the fitness industry was only natural.  Building the MOM3NTUM brand is a journey I couldn't resist. Nothing is more fulfilling than creating an environment where you can get fit, make friends and have fun.

"Success is the result of perfection, hard work, taking risks, and loyalty"  #ChallengeYourself

Our Team Brenan


Vinyasa Flow

I was transitioning away from gymnastics and found yoga about 20 years ago. It gave me the opportunity to go upside down with so much more. Moving meditation found in vinyasa flow became a pillar of my daily life and teaching has given me the ability to share this with others.  It undoubtedly makes me a better person. I am a 200-hour trained Vinyasa Flow instructor and my classes focus on moving with the breath with particular attention given to alignment, form, and safety. I make all of my classes accessible for all levels. Every class I hope to challenge someone to try something new, to have fun, and to always leave feeling better than when they came in.

Our Team Kama


Dance Fitness

I am a self motivated and goal oriented professional with 5 years of experience in total body fitness. I have taught group based sessions such as Zumba, Aerobics, Step and Taebo which have enabled me to demonstrate my passion for fitness, health and overall wellbeing. I hope to continue teaching and helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals.

Our Team Steve



Coffee is my passion, and everything I know about it today has been self-taught. If I’m not behind the machine, I’m experimenting and researching ways to improve my skills as a barista in order to deliver a better cup of coffee each day.

Our Team Abby v2


HIIT & Bootcamp

From the first time I walked into a gym I fell in love with the whole idea of fitness. Whether it is your basic weight or aerobic training or something more advanced such as calisthenics, the idea of being able to successfully manage people’s fitness goals and push them to their max is what I live for. Lets go to work!

"Stop wishing & Start doing" #WorkForIt





Transitioning a client from zero technique to excellence has always been my passion. A patient approach and skilled execution in a class is all it takes to achieve set goals and excellence. Being a holder of a 3rd Dan black belt in martial arts and having been trained by one of the best instructors in Thailand and Korea, I bring in a blend of result oriented training and loads of fun while at it too. For all your self-defense and combat technique needs, let’s make this journey together.

Our Team Vera


Core Fusion

I'm a Berlin-raised, Nairobi-based Swede with a passion for healthy living. As a former Taut Body instructor, I have plenty of experience with guiding especially women to achieve their personal fitness and life goals - all of this while having a lot of fun together.

Our Team James



The art of coffee making is an ongoing learning process and there is always room for improvement. Everyday I strive to be better, ensuring my customers have an experience that will make them come back for more