Our Classes

Power Yoga

Adapted from the traditional Ashtanga yoga system, Power yoga  has many qualities and benefits, including increased stamina, strength, and flexibility as well as stress reduction. Teachers design their own sequences, while students synchronize their breath with their movement


Yoga Mat

Target Areas:

A full body work out focusing on alignment, form, and safety


This class is a  full hour of dedicated power training that’s broken down into upper body and lower body exercises focusing a lot on compound movements . With no other areas of conditioning taking place in this class, it’s a pure homage to heavy lifting.


This class will see you lifting, pumping and bench pressing barbells, dumbbells and pretty much anything heavy.

Target Areas:

Full body

Core Fusion

A full- body workout suitable for all levels of fitness. Using a fusion of workout methods with
elements of barre, HIIT and yoga.  The music is carefully selected and the class sequences change
often, so you’ll never get bored

You will work with resistance bands, exercise balls and light hand weights, but more than anything
your own body.

Target Areas 
Full body workout targeting a lean, strong body with toned glutes, abs and thighs.


We cater to all levels from beginners to professionals. If you’re fit or unfit, if you want to fight or just
have fun, gain confidence and learn self-defence then come punch your problems away!

You will work with, gloves, mits & punching bags

Target Areas
Full body workout in which you will learn how to move, focus on your technique improve
conditioning and gain total body strength.

Strength & Conditioning

Focuses on functional and compound strength movements. A class in which you will likely burn more
calories than a cardio class.

You’ll use items such as barbells, dumb bells, free weights and more.

Target Areas
Full body workout aiming to help you shape, strengthen and increase core stability


HIIT training is proven to get results. No fads, no gimmicks, you can expect to burn up to 800 calories
per session. The class will push your body hard, and keep your metabolism high and burning calories
well after you’ve finished the workout. Ideal for the busy business individuals, who don’t have hours
a day to go to the gym

During the workout, you will perform multiple intervals designed to produce 12-20 minutes of
training at 80% + of your maximum heart rate

Target Areas
Full body workout


Kickboxing is the perfect total body workout. Whether you are looking to increase strength and
coordination or are just after a serious cardio workout. Come ready to sweat, burn hundreds of
calories and build a rock solid core.

You will work with, gloves, mits & punching bags

Target Areas
Fully body workout that includes cardio calisthenics, bag work, partner drills, pad work and core
strengthening exercises.

Body Resistance

Our TRX class for anyone who’s looking for a fast and effective total body workout. Work on your
core and build strength through a series of exercises combining TRX and bodyweight for resistance.
The class is for all fitness levels and you are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself!

TRX bands

Target Areas
Full body workout

Kettlebell Work

These cast iron weights originally from Russia deliver cardio, strength, and flexibility benefits in a
short amount of time and can be beneficial for anyone no matter the level of fitness.

Range of Kettlebells

Target Areas
Full body workout to help build strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility as you swing, squat and
lunge your way to a tighter toned body.

Boot Camp

Sick of boring cardio workouts? Get back to basics with a fitness boot camp class. These group
sessions, which focus on military-style exercises and functional movements like push-ups, squats,
sprints, and sit-ups, provide a killer workout.

Dumbbells, free weights, resistance bands

Target Areas 
This high-intensity workout delivers results in a total-body approach building strength and aerobic
capacity all at the same time.