About us.

Group Based Training

Exciting, Inspiring & led by the best trainers, we have a huge range of classes that make fitness fun.

Our optimum sized classes are highly personalised, while still creating an environment that gives everyone a sense of community. The classes are results-focused, people and relationship driven and catered for all levels of ability.

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Personal Training

You know where you want to be – maximise your programme and get there faster with personal training.

Work with any of our in-house trainers to help you reach your goals through support, attention to training techniques and insight into new training methods.

Or come with your own trainer at no added cost.

The MOM3NTUM Coffee & Juice Bar offers a selection of nutritious, healthy food and refreshing beverages. The items we serve will support your natural function and training while still maintaining bold and vibrant flavours.

Freshly ground Spring Valley Artisan Coffee is available throughout the day and all the food is available to takeaway.